Friday, September 14, 2018

Happy 15th Birthday, Allia!

We started celebrating last weekend since Tuesday would be a busy weekday. We had a nice dinner Sunday evening with Pawpaw and Manah complete with cookie cake for dessert. Tuesdsay morning Allia was up early and off to her ODA classes. But she took off from her afternoon classes so she could come home and celebrate with us. I made a yummy lunch and about 60 cupcakes (45 for her to bring to swim practice that evening!). She opened gifts and received lots of new swim gear from Lito and Lita, her siblings and Austin and I as well as a few other goodies. Pawpaw and Manah gave her a crucifix from Jerusalem and money for her Learner's Permit.
Wednesday morning we were off to the DPS to get her permit. I have heard the horror stories and triple checked that I had all the correct documentation for her as well as to get my license renewed. Things went smoothly, and we had everything we needed.....(drumroll)...until the computer system crashed moments before our licenses were processed. So we hung out for a bit but ultimately had other things to do. I called later that afternoon, and their system was still down!. So we went back Thursday morning and had success. She is now legal to drive with an adult!

Her party was last night with some great friends. They swam, ate, crafted and had girl talk time. She is very blessed to have such a sweet group of friends. A few spent the night, and they had a great time, so great that they didn't go to bed until 3am!!! :0
Happy 15th Birthday, Allia!!!

Monday, September 10, 2018

Playing in the rain

We have had an unusually rainy end of August/beginning of September, so we've done a lot of playing in the rain lately!
 They were so sweet to include Cecilia! She loved it!

Tuesday, August 28, 2018

School starting and a broken finger

We started full time school the week after Austin's big birthday bonanza. This week the big girls start their classes at One Day Academy (Mariana is taking an English class this year). And we started RE on Sunday. So life is getting crazy again. I already find myself missing our summer schedule! :p
And to make things just a little more exciting, when I was getting my classroom ready for RE on Sunday afternoon, Anastasia had a large toy crash down on her finger and break it. This was about 8 minutes before class started and just as my students were arriving but before my co-teacher arrived. Lovely! So we got her some ice, and I dropped her off at class still crying (poor baby!). She was quite brave, and we weren't sure if it was broken because though it looked horrible, she was still moving it without pain. However, Allia (who may have a future in the medical profession) pointed out that she was only moving the big knuckle not the smaller one. And it was bent at that knuckle and couldn't be straightened. So off to urgent care she went yesterday evening. Apparently it is a tuft fracture in the end of her finger. So she has to unenroll from gymnastics, wear a splint, and take it easy for a month. Ahhhh...
These two are such cute buddies. Cecilia climbed on and asked/demanded that Anastasia (who she still calls Annai) swing with her!

Sunday, August 19, 2018

Happy 40th Birthday, Austin!

We had a nice time celebrating as a family on his actual day. He requested pie for his birthday, so I made a cherry and fig pie. Mariana and a friend made a pear pie (we have an abundance of pears from Pawpaw and Manah's tree!). They were all delicious!
Opening his gift from Lito and Lita after birthday breakfast...
 Then on Saturday we had 40+ friends over, and he selflessly smoked a yummy rib lunch for all of us! to share. I ddn't get many photos unfortunately, but here is one of the older and middle range kiddos playing games. I think everyone had a pretty good time! :)
 And now I can tease him about being an "old guy" for about a month until I turn 40!

Tuesday, August 14, 2018

Fun moments

The girls had their first club 4H Meeting of the year, which is traditionally a swim party. It was Allia's first meeting as an officer, and she gave the treasurer report. Then everyone had pizza and fun swim time.
They did a funny officer intro where they pretended to be a sports team and were announced individually to run in to the meeting.
 And just for fun, Austin took the "pretty pony" out of the atti so that Cecilia could be introduced. I think it went well! ;)

Monday, August 13, 2018

Sauerkraut Girl

We have some wonderful friends who make amazing Sauerkraut and generously share with us. Usually Austin, myself, Allia and Mariana are the only takers. But now we have a new sauerkraut buddy! :)
 This face may look like she doesn't like it, but that is a normal sauerkraut face, hence the name. Don't be fooled, she loved it!

Tuesday, August 7, 2018

4H Cake show!

We spent the last couple of days immersed in cake making for the show last night. Unfortunately Mariana ended up not being able to come, but Gloria agreed to show her cake for her.
The process...
 Mariana's cake
Gloria was the only one to do two cakes this year (thankfully!) and won prizes for both!

Allia did one very complicated cake called "The 4H Ladder to Success"

 Her cake won 3rd in her division and won largest cake which is an overall prize. This scored her a place at the front table and the opportunity to auction her cake at the beginning of the show as well as a Target gift card!
 Auctioning Mariana's cake
 The girls look forward to this event every year. It was quite a feat, but we pulled it off yet again!