Sunday, December 4, 2016

Introducing Cecilia Rose

Our sweet baby came on her own, thanks be to God!
Cecilia Rose Riddle was born 12/3/2016 at 12:18am. She was 8lb 7oz and 21 1/2" long. Her eyes are baby dark blue, so real color to be determined. Her hair is a combination of strawberry and dirty blonde...hard to tell who she will look like at this point! Her eyes are wider spaced like Allia's for sure.

I was expecting a fast labor after Sebastian came so quickly and I had already had so many contractions earlier in the week, but every baby is different! Labor started around 4pm but it was very stop and go. I would have several good contractions, get tired, and my body would take a little break. But I absolutely could not lay down during contractions, even at the end, which was a new experience for me. This made all those breaks much needed. And thanks to that, her labor was actually my longest since Allia! However, once it came time to push, it only took one big one and there she was. That was a huge blessing since it turned out the cord was round her neck. Perhaps that was why my body was taking so many keep her from getting stressed. We had an amazing labor nurse who was so sweet and accommodating, and we actually had our own doctor this time instead of the on-call! Yay!

It was quite slow at the hospital after what they assured us was a crazy beginning of the week. One of the nurses made these swan towels all over our room to welcome us when we moved from L&D.
Of course the kids were just dying to meet her the next morning!

 Homecoming! We came home at lunchtime today, and there was an eager line of baby holders and admirers waiting. So sweet. It must be wonderful to be so loved!

Thanks be to God for such a blessing!

Thursday, December 1, 2016


We are still waiting on baby girl. She checked out ok at my dr. appointment yesterday. And I am definitely making progress toward birth. We went ahead and scheduled an induction for Monday. I was hesitant to do it so early since we could have easily bartered for a few more days. But next week's schedule is a little crazy both for us and our doctor. I didn't want to get stuck sharing our anniversary Wednesday! I am still hoping and praying that she comes before Monday on her own, but either way we will be very happy to meet her. I have been having so many contractions I feel like I have been in labor for days already. So I imagine if we make it to Monday I will be ready to get it over with! We will see...

Sunday, November 27, 2016

Thanksgiving weekend

We had a very low key weekend, which was a welcome change from our usual crazy schedule! It was so nice to have a chance to catch up...around the house and on sleep and family time! Austin smoked a brisket and turkey plus we bought a ham, so we had lots of food and were able to stock the freezer a bit for baby's arrival. We started Thanksgiving morning with mass to thank God for his many blessings and then had a delicious lunch with Pawpaw and Manah complete with lots of pie (5 kinds...2 I made and 3 store bought)! We made several relaxing trips to the park over the weekend. While I would have loved to have a surprise early arrival by baby, I am super thankful for such a great weekend!
The kids dug out the holiday outfits from Lita for mass...

 Anastasia has mostly mastered the bike without training wheels. So proud!
 My two silly older kids swinging in the baby swings while the little ones dig.
 We must have worn him out with all the bike rides and park visits!

Now we will wait and see if baby girl will come in the next week or if we have to give her an eviction notice via Pitocin. I sure hope she comes on her own, as I much prefer a natural labor to induction!

Sunday, November 20, 2016

Quick visit

Tia Becky came for a quick visit Saturday evening after the Aggie game. It was so great to see her, as she spent a year in Spain so it has been way too long! Sebastian took to her really well and especially loved it when she read to him. :)
And just for fun, here he is the other day trying desperately to convince me that he could take his nap at Manah's house. I know better, though!

Wednesday, November 16, 2016

38 weeks

Baby and I were 38 weeks along yesterday. I had an ultrasound last Friday (but no good photos due to her head being so low) and my doctor's appointment today, and all is looking well. Praise God! So hopefully we will be welcoming our newest little princess the week after Thanksgiving. I actually did a selfie belly pic, even though I have been trying desperately to avoid being in pictures throughout this pregnancy, as I have felt very un-glamorous. But for posterity sake, here we are...
This has been my wardrobe for about 95% of this pregnancy...workout clothes (unless I am at mass or somewhere else where it would be really inappropriate)! I am usually hot natured but most extremely so when pregnant, and I had to first make it through summer. Then, it has been an unusually hot fall (high of 84 today!). So I figure, if I am gonna sweat, may as well be in appropriate clothing! I am really looking forward to wearing normal clothes again. Luckily we are due for our first strong cold front this weekend.

Street resurfacing

The resurfacing of our little cul de sac street started today. Sebastian was elated and kept waving to the workers as if they were celebrities. I think they enjoyed it. ;) So I guess our bike riding days will be over for a bit, but at least we will have lots of other entertainment! I sure hope they finish before baby arrives, as I would not want to be hauling a car seat and a bunch of other kids around the corner to get to our car!

Monday, November 14, 2016

No training wheels!

It is definitely bike riding season around here! Anastasia is so capable of almost anything, that we decided we should really try and teach her to ride without training wheels. The only problem is that Sebastian just started riding the small bike, which is what we usually teach them on. So Austin started teaching her on the bigger bike. She did pretty well, but I found some sweet friends who are gonna lend us their small one so we can have one without training wheels for her to learn on!