Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Other stuff

With all the birthday craziness going on, I haven't had a chance to keep up with the regular stuff! Here are a few pics...

 I just love this one of Anastasia. It really captures her well!

Monday, September 15, 2014

Birthday Party

The girls agreed to a shared party this year so they could have it at the ice skating rink...with a Frozen theme of course!

I made the cakes since Allia doesn't eat dairy and some friends of ours with food allergies were coming. It was fun but way more work than I anticipated, partly because of the party theme!

 They were resurfacing the ice right when the party started, so we took the opportunity for a group photo!
 Our two Godsons were both there. I tried to get pictures of both of them, but my phone doesn't take good motion photos. I managed this slightly blurry one of Stephen P. This was his first time on the ice, and he did great!
 Sweet Mariana helped William out, trying to build up some confidence after he crashed on his eye! Poor guy! What a trooper.
 Cake and gift time!

So fun to share such special times with such wonderful friends!

More birthday

Our Thursdays are busy, and Allia's birthday was no exception for sure! We had breakfast for dinner and then did her real birthday dinner Friday night with her Godparents - Austin's smoked ribs at Allia's request - and then the party for both girls Saturday. Whew! Here are the rest of the pics from Allia's birthday...

 She received a Barbie pool from Mariana...quite a generous sister! And her AG doll, Alina made out like a bandit. She received an AG closet full of outfits from Lita and Lito and several outfits from Pawpaw and Manah too!

The girls spent almost the whole rest of the day (the part we were home, anyway) playing doll fashion show and having me take photos. Here are some of the photos...

And this girl could not resist the Barbie pool of course. She really loves water!

Thursday, September 11, 2014

Happy Birthday, Allia!

My biggest girl turns 11 today. Wow! So happy to celebrate our Allia! She is such a focused, hard-working girl. She is a great help around the house and with the other children and has even started some small babysitting jobs. Allia is a great musician, working hard at piano and now learning flute too. She is learning to cook and bake and doing quite well at that. And of course, she has always been and will always be my most avid reader. I always get a big smile when I hand her a new book to read. :)

Here she is with Alina in one of the outfits she received from Pawpaw and Manah.

More pictures to come...

Monday, September 8, 2014


We had Manah and Pawpaw in town this weekend as they did some prep for their house purchase...they will be moving across the street from us! They will take their time moving completely, but in just a few weeks they will own the house. Hard to believe, but exciting for sure! Sebastian really enjoyed the extra holding time and the jewelry to chew on. He liked it so much that I ordered some teething bracelets for him!

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

What a girl!

Lita gave us this giant can of popcorn, which I purposely keep up on the kitchen counter to keep little hands from digging in it....we serve with a spoon into bowls. All of a sudden I keep finding Anastasia in the kitchen serving herself. We were all pondering how she got the can down. This morning, Mariana caught her in the act. I can't believe she was brave enough to try this and strong enough to succeed. What a girl, this one!

Ice skating lessons

Mariana and Gloria started their ice skating lessons last night. Gloria chose skating this fall instead of soccer, and I was actually a bit relieved because the soccer schedule is just crazy with multiple children! Both girls skated very well...we all went to watch and enjoy the "cold weather." I couldn't get pictures of them skating because my phone doesn't do motion pics very well. I will have to bring the real camera next time!