Friday, June 24, 2016

VBS finale

VBS ended today. I was able to help with snacks 2 of the days, but I was totally pooped after that! Whew! It was lots of fun to work with such awesome people and serve such sweet kiddos. I snapped a few shots of my snackers.

And the performaces today... I was super proud of Stephen because prior to this week, he was not a singer/dancer. I must admit, I bribed him the 2nd day. I just knew if he tried it, he would have fun. So I offered him "a surprise" if he sang and danced. And ya know what? He liked it so much that he did it the rest of the week and had a lot more fun at VBS. Yay! :)
Anastasia (Pre-K)

 Stephen (1st)

Gloria (3rd)
And Mariana...the music team did the music for the closing mass. This photo was after mass, so she was not acting this goofy during mass! ;)
Allia helped with snacks all week, and I fully intended to get a picture of her the days I was there. But clearly my prego brain just can't handle too much! :p

Thursday, June 23, 2016

Gymnastics sisters

I was able to take the two gymnastics girls to their classes today and stay to watch. They both did so great and had fun too!

Tuesday, June 21, 2016


The camp girls went one whole day without swimming and were in camp withdrawal! So I agreed to take everyone (including a neighbor they had over) to the pool Monday afternoon. The girls played with their friend for a while, then they all decided to come to the shallow end and play with/ride around the little ones. It was so sweet!

Monday, June 20, 2016

VBS Week!

We are barely finished with our big camp week and now on to VBS week. Wow!

I was almost surprised at how eager the older girls were to help out after such a busy, exhausting (but totally fun) week. Unfortunately, my tired prego body is not as eager. I do plan on helping out a few days but just can't handle a full week of non-stop mornings! So Sebastian and I were buddies this morning. Anastasia was SO excited that she gets to go this year! I will have to get a good picture of everyone tomorrow. Check in today was a bit chaotic, so I was just happy to get everyone to their places with their shirts and name tags!

I was wondering where Mariana would end up helping. We missed the volunteer orientations because of them being out of town and Father's Day. It looks like she got to help with the Music team. Yay for her, as it is being run by some of our dear friends, the K family! :)

Sunday, June 19, 2016


The girls finally returned from camp yesterday. It was a joyful occasion, as we have missed them like crazy!!! They were exhausted because they had a fun-packed last day of camp. But the surprises pepped them up. We videoed their returns so we could get the reaction to the room redecorating.It was priceless. ;)

Friday, June 17, 2016

Finished project

We finished up the big project this evening, by the grace of God! It took Austin, me and Pawpaw working hard, especially Austin! But it all came together, and I just know Allia will be thrilled with the results. We also decided to do a minor reorg/redecorating of Mariana and Gloria's room so Mariana can have a nice surprise when she returns too!

Starting the tile (late Tuesday night)
Tile finished! (Thursday morning)
Finished product

Mariana and Gloria's room (finished Saturday morning while Daddy was on his way to pick them up!)

Last day of camp!

Stephen and Gloria finished up their camp this afternoon. They had a great time and learned a lot too! And I picked them up just in time to head to the parish garage sale! :)