Tuesday, January 27, 2015

First Flute Recital

Allia has been taking flute lessons from Tia Nana since last fall. She had her first recital Saturday where she played a duet with Tia Nana and another piece for a nursing home audience. She was so excited and played well!

Monday, January 26, 2015

Cuteness and another haircut

Sebastian is just pure cuteness these days. He is in that stage of starting to really explore, and everything is a wonder to him. So sweet!

Here he is playing peekaboo with Allia in the children's laundry basket (Allia took over their laundry in exchange for the guest room becoming her own room). It got bleached during the big stomach bug cleanout (just for good measure...by Austin). I am still waiting for my can of brown spraypaint to try and return it to its normal color. :p

 Pulling up on anything and everything
And such a good sleeper, this boy...Mommy loves that!

Daddy was in Paris all week last week, so we spent some extra time at Pawpaw and Manah's house.

and he had his SECOND haircut while Daddy was gone (compare these pics to the first few!). The girls all agreed that he was starting to look like a girl, especially in the back. So I broke out the clippers (on the 1" setting!) and did the back and sides, then trimmed up the top a bit with scissors.

Sunday, January 25, 2015

So pretty

We have been mass buddies with Pawpaw and Manah since they moved here. They usually go to the vigil mass on Saturday, and we have been doing the same since it jives better with Sebastian's morning nap and me teaching RE in the morning. This week, Anastasia wanted her hair fixed (at the last minute running out the door, mind you) "like Cherry Jam"  (from Strawberry Shortcake). So I quickly threw in a side bun with a ribbon. She looked like such a little princess! The ribbon is already out here, but she and Manah looked so lovely sitting together in their mass clothes that I had to snap a picture!

Ice skating

I keep missing Mariana's class because we eat a packed dinner in the car while she skates (her class is at 5:45, with Gloria's following it). But at least I managed to get a few pics of Gloria! Not bad considering Daddy was not there, so I "had my hands full" as people so often like to tell me when I am out with our crew!

10 Months Old!

Sebastian is 10 months old today. I had he and Anastasia's well checks on Friday. Here are their stats:

Height 29" 60%
21 lbs. 65%
Head 18.9" 98%

Height 37.5" 60%
Weight  28.5 lbs. 25%

Sebastian was right on for his developmental assessment. All the cute things he does are age appropriate. Go figure! ;)

Anastasia's part of the appointment was quite entertaining. The doctor asked her lots of questions. At one point, she had to try and identify a partially drawn person. They are supposed to respond that it is a person/man/woman/child. She said "It's a bumblebee."

Dr. Svendsen asked her, "What do you like to eat?"
Anastasia "Lollypops."
D"Mmm. Those are good. What do you like for dinner?"
A"Meat." (really?)
D "Do you like apples?"
A (vehemently) "NO!"
D "Whoa, ok, you really don't like apples?"
A "I don't like fruit. It is yucky." (the doc and I talk about how she doesn't like any fruit at all, how this is unusual. hearing us, she continues...)
A"I don't eat the regular yogurt, just the new gogurt. The regular yogurt has fruit in it. It is yucky. I just like the gogurt."
D "She is a good talker!"
(I explain that she does drink OJ -weird for someone who doesn't like fruit at all - and also eats broccoli, brussel sprouts and asparagus).
D "Mmmm. Those are my favorite vegetables. You have good taste."
A "Yeah, I like asparagus."

What a girl, that one!

Monday, January 19, 2015

Happy Baptism Day, Gloria!

I was so excited that it fell on MLK day because Daddy would be off work...then we found out he had to go out of town. Oh, well. We made the most of it! We had breakfast at Shipley's and dessert after dinner at Spoons. Yummy! And I made a special lunch at home for us. We also spent some good old fashioned time outdoors because the weather was beeeautiful! We are so thankful for the gift of this Sacrament!

Thursday, January 15, 2015

Pulling up and piano

This boy started pulling up. He does it on the dishwasher, the bookshelves and the bottom stair step. So big! He is, of course, tickled with himself. This week, he also started waving by moving his fingers not just his arm and pointing with one finger.

And its never to early to start piano lessons. ;) He has such good posture...I am always envious of our babies' posture at this age. They sit so straight!