Friday, February 8, 2013

Baby photos

Several family members and friends have asked to see baby photos of Austin and I in hopes of figuring out who our children favor. I finally got around to scanning them, so here goes...

 Austin at 4 months

Austin around 2yrs

 Austin around 4yrs

 Kristen at 9 months

Kristen at 2yrs

 Kristen around 4yrs

So there ya go! Your guess is as good as mine. ;) Although I do think the chunky baby figures came from me and the more petite figures from Austin!


Elizabeth said...

You guys were cute babies! :)

LarkinFamily said...

Wow! I see a lot of Mariana in Austin's! And I think my sister and I had a clown lamp kinda like that one behind you- I remember the balloons.