Monday, May 15, 2017

Happy Mother's Day!

We had a lovely weekend! Lito and Lita came for the weekend, and Tia Becky came for a few hours on Sunday.

The kids love this rope swing. I have my doubts every time Austin as to replace the rope, but every time he is proven right! ;)
 Stephen sure loves his baby sister!
 The girls and friends helped at the Mother's Day brunch at church. Lita and I opted for family time at home, but the girls had a great time together and earned money for summer camp at the same time!

Cecilia outgrew the worst of her stranger anxiety just in time for Lita. She was very happy sitting and snuggling with Lita when Mommy was busy!
 Lita gave the girls these Mickey waffle irons and mix. Mariana made some for breakfast Sunday morning.
 Cecilia was really smiling and cooing at Stephen here...Warms a mother's heart!
 Lita read lots of books, and the kids obviously enjoyed it. Anastasia was still taking her spot here!
And we all enjoyed seeing Tia Becky, though it was brief!
Austin really outdid himself making yummy meals for us! The week before I mentioned that all I really wanted as far as gifts go was a Tiramisu and a glass of Sangria from our favorite date restaurant to enjoy at home. He went to fulfill my request Saturday evening, but since it was graduation weekend the crowds drank all the Sangria! :0 Much to our surprise, the owner (who has known us a long time since our big rehearsal dinner there) gave him the recipe!!! He worked hard to seek out the ingredients, and made an amazing Sangria for us all to enjoy. I can't believe we now have the recipe. Yummy! Now THAT is a great gift. It was a blessed weekend indeed. I have much to be thankful for! :)

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