Saturday, July 8, 2017

CC Trip and 4th of July!

Right after VBS ended we did a little catching up around the house, a lot of packing, and we were off to Corpus Christi to visit Lito and Lita for the 4th of July week! They are always ready with backyard fun for the kids. (We were supposed to have some fun with cousins like last year, but one of them came down sick right when we got there, so they had to head home. :( )
Tia Rosa brought a game for family game night. So fun!
Lito took Allia for a spin in his new car!
 Unfortunately I came down sick on the 4th of July, but thankfully Lito and Lita got a photo for me, and Lito took the oldest 3 to fireworks.
 The next day I was feeling a little better so we headed off to the beach. We went to a different one than usual, and it was really beautiful, so we have a new favorite beach!
Cecilia's first beach experience. She loved it!
That night we drove to a nearby town for daily mass and dinner with Fr. Glen (who married us almost 15 years ago!). It was so great to see him and visit with him for a bit.
The next day we went to our favorite Splash park...
Cecilia liked it a lot too, and the older girls were so sweet and kept asking to take her in the water to play.
Gloria liked the high dive and kept tring different tricks.
  And our favorite stop on the drive is this mall with the Cookie Company and lots of space to run/walk around!
As usual, Lito and Lita were generous hosts with lots of yummy meals planned, a whole table of treats and snacks, and lots of fun! Everyone was sad to leave!

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