Friday, July 14, 2017

Swim lessons, etc.

We had a weekend wrought with illness and trips to the urgent care center (me for strep, Sebastian with a sinus infection and Cecilia with an ear infection...could someone please tell the germs it is summer?!) and then started swim lessons Monday! (Sebastian missed the first day as he was still getting well/letting his antibiotics kick in and slept super late).

Anastasia enjoying her swim snack....I don't typically buy junk food, but I make a few exceptions for swim lessons to help inspire them. ;)

 Anastasia has Caleb, Gloria's teacher from last year, as one of her instructors. His favorite expression is "killed it" as in, did amazing. And Anastasia has. She has her instructors quite impressed, and they are testing her on skills above her level to see if she can skip the next level! Her freestyle is looking really good, and she can swim across the deep end unassisted. So proud of our ambitious little girl!
Sebastian, on his first day (which was everyone else's second day) threw a fit and didn't want to get in. I am not sure what happened to this guy, but he usually loves the water. However, perhaps it was his lingering illness, but on our CC trip he started throwing fits about swimming. I was caught a little by surprise and unsure what to do here, but I decided to play it tough and make him do the lesson. His teacher was amazing and had him smiling and happily participating 10 minutes later!
Each day he was resistant to go, but more and more quickly cheered up until today he went right up and sat with is class smiling. Whew! He is actually really doing well with the skills!
Mariana really wanted to do lessons this year even though all the other older kids are in swim team. I am proud of her. She is working really hard and doing some good fine tuning on her strokes and major improvement on dives!

 And as if we weren't busy enough we discovered, last minute, that Tuesday was Cow Appreciation Day at Chick Fil A. So we threw together some cow dress up, went in shifts so I didn't have to bring the baby, and got ourselves some free lunch! Yum! Here is one of my cute cows....
Cecilia cheered up quickly once on her antibiotics. It was so good to have my sweet happy baby back this week and get some sleep at night. Whew!

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