Tuesday, March 19, 2013


We had an unusually warm but beautiful day yesterday (88 degrees!). In the afternoon, the children and I went to the nearby foresty park to pick up some trash (those frisbee golfers drop a lot of stuff!). We were all hot and sweaty by the time we finished, so I somewhat reluctantly agreed to drag out the rashguard suits and give the splash pad a try. Our neighborhood just added it in the fall, so we hadn't been able to try it out yet. Much to my surprise, they jumped in the pool too. I was expecting them not to last much longer than 20 minutes, but we ended up staying a whole hour!

The new baby pool acted as a hot tub since it was quite "warmer" than the pool. They would hop in the pool for a minute, then run over to warm up there.

Brave girl!

 Stephen in the "shower"

She just wanted to splash

Cute smile
 A friend came with us and brought this ring the flamingo game. They sure liked it...
 especially Anastasia!

Boy I don't think I ever heard so many high pitched squeals in my life...both due to cold and excitement...and that says a lot since we have 4 girls! Fun times!

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Julia said...

We saw that splash pad the other day, it looks like a bunch of fun!