Sunday, May 19, 2013

Mariana's Dance Recital

Mariana had her big dance recital yesterday. She danced so beautifully! We were so proud.

This is her class minus Kennedy, who was sick :(. Davis, Katie, Jada, Kylie and Mariana

Her sparkly jazz costume

In her tap costume with her teacher, Miss Darby (a fellow redhead).

Flowers from Daddy

She also received a little bouquet from her friend Michael, whose sister was dancing, but he disappeared so quickly after delivering them that I couldn't get a photo!

Ready to go home with our beautiful ballerina for a celebratory dinner at Jason's Deli with Pawpaw and Manah.

And the videos...
Ballet (just an exerpt)

 Jazz (forgive my had trouble focusing with all the sparkles!) This video is actually from the rehersal. The little girl who leads them around the stage was sick for the recital. Her substitute almost ran off stage. Mariana grabbed her and pulled her back onstage, saving the dance! What a girl!


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Blair said...

So cute! Way to go, Mariana! I love watching dance recitals :) And I used to take dance with Jada's mommy when we were in middle school, so it was fun to watch her, too!