Sunday, December 22, 2013

Vaseline anyone?

Anastasia is definitely one for mischief. It comes in waves, and she is in one right now. Today, she quietly disappeared for a bit and climbed her dresser for the first time, retrieved the vaseline from it, found a baby doll and this guy....

He is lovingly called "Benjamin Bear" by us. He comes out during Advent as we read stories about a little bear named Benjamin and his journey to Bethlehem. He was actually my grandmother's bear before she passed away. She had a whole collection of these Holiday bears. But it looks like this is his last year, as he, the baby doll, a few patches of carpet and Anastasia all ended up well coated in vaseline!

She also removed her clothing and diaper during her nap and then put her pants back on halfway and upside down. We were actually wondering all day how she got the vaseline, but she disappeared up the stairs again this evening, and Austin followed her. By the time he went in her room she had climbed almost to the top of the dresser! What a girl!

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