Sunday, April 7, 2024

Country Kids

There is just nothing like a dirt pile...they will spend hours playing together in it. Cecilia even entertained herself alone for over an hour out there. She is definitely a "country girl" and loves to be outside. I love the view from the front porch. It's my new favorite hang out spot (until summer at least!).

Saturday, April 6, 2024

Soccer and Prom!

 We started the day out with 8am soccer games and ended with Gloria going to homeschool prom.

I sure love this beautiful girl!

Friday, April 5, 2024

New Tires!

 We knew the truck needed new tires when we bought it, but Gloria wanted to save up to get some nicer ones plus new rims. She was finally ready, and we were able to get them put on right before prom so she could go in style. Sadly, someone rear ended Austin on his way home from the tire shop, but at least it looks fancier from the side! :/

Easter Kite flying

She had been wanting a kite and received one in her Easter basket. God generously provided us with wind during the whole Octave week!

Thursday, April 4, 2024

Cookie making

 These two made and bagged 72 cookies (well, actually more so that we could have a few) on behalf of Stephen's 4-H Air Rifle/Pistol team to donate to the NRA banquet. It was quite a feat!

Sunday, March 31, 2024

Happy Easter!

Despite attending (and M singing) the Vigil, the girls came to mass with us this morning (and M sang again!). It was nice to all be at the same Easter mass, minus Allia. She joined us for lunch afterwards with some of her college friends, and we also hosted our favorite Seminarian, Chris (who used to be one of the kids' youth leaders). It was a beautiful celebration!

Baskets before mass

I sure love these beautiful kids!

Gloria learning to carve a brisket.

And of course, the egg hunt!

Saturday, March 30, 2024

Holy Saturday

We spent time preparing our hearts and minds for Jesus during lent and especially this Holy Week. We watched our youth in the passion play (including Gloria as a "weeping woman"), attended the beautiful Mass of the Lord's Supper (at which Austin directed and Gloria sang with the Women's Schola), attended the Veneration of the Cross (at which Mariana sang with an amazing choir), and all but Cecilia and I attended Tenebrae. It was busy but just such an incredible way to prepare. 

Today we are preparing our home and table for Easter. ALL the kids dyed eggs with the grandparents while I grocery shopped and began some of the food prep. They made crowns of glory and helped me make desserts and get the house tidied up, table set, eggs stuffed, etc. It is truly a group effort. We even squeezed in some garden prep in the afternoon so Sebastian could start his gardening project before the weather gets too warm. We are so ready to celebrate Easter with family and friends tomorrow (or tonight for Mariana and Gloria as they attend the Vigil).

Anastasia made Macarons with Allia and even took photos of them for her photography project.