Monday, April 24, 2017

Busy crazy weekend!

This one was a whirlwind. Our neighborhood had their annual garage sale Saturday morning, so the girls baked Thursday and Friday so they could sell to earn money for summer camp. They had their Challenge Club meeting Friday night, and then Saturday morning we were all up bright and early. Allia and Austin were off to a swim meet while I took Stephen, Gloria and a friend to the "Faster than the Pastor" race at church! Then when we came home, the girls went off to sell baked goods.

The race...

Stephen came in 7th, his friend 9th, and Gloria 13th. They all ran really well. I was so proud of them!

This was Allia's first long course swim meet. Thankfully it was in town, so that made the weekend a little bit easier!
After Saturday evening mass, Austin and Allia were off to the swim meet again Sunday morning. The rest of us went to RE. Then after lunch, we had the Spring Piano Recital. The kids did their best, but we had a cold last week, so they missed their lesson where they would have worked on final touches, etc. I was still very proud of them!
Here is the video of Mariana and Allia. Gloria and Stephen didn't want me to put theirs on!

Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Happy Easter

It's a good thing we celebrate for more than just a day! I am so behind! It didn't help that I came down with a cold on Wednesday...
The kids dyed/colored (we have to be careful with our language during the Triduum because there is so much talk about Jesus dying, and the little ones get confused!) eggs at Pawpaw and Manah's house.
 Making crowns of jewels Saturday morning

 After morning mass
The teen and tween doing their own pose
They were so patient to open baskets when we got home. In previous years we let them do it before mass, but there just wasn't time!
We had a quiet family lunch, but for dinner we had two families over to eat and hunt Easter eggs. Such fun!

And my littlest cutie in her Easter outfit from Manah and Pawpaw.

Monday, April 10, 2017

Brother Time and some firsts

Stephen has been really sweet with Cecilia lately. He has gotten to be a good reader and decided to read her a book.
He really wanted to push her for her first time in the swing. As you can see, she liked it!
And some pictures of her first time sitting in the Bumbo seat. She looked so pretty in this dress she wore to mass for Passion Sunday that we just left her in it all day!

Tuesday, April 4, 2017

4 Months Old!

Cecilia turned 4 months old yesterday. As if on cue, she started rolling over just a few days before. However, she cannot roll back yet and doesn't care for tummy time much. So she often relies on her family members to rescue her...good thing there are plenty of us! She is such a happy girl and very social. I cannot talk while nursing her anymore because she will just keep trying to be part of the conversation instead of eating!
13lbs 14oz (45%)
25" (74%)
Head 43.5cm (97%)

She sleeps an average of 6 hours at night before waking up to nurse, occasionally a little more or less. She is taking all of her naps in the swing, which is great for me because I have some hands free time. She adores her siblings and coos and goos at all of us in the sweetest little voice. We are so thankful for this precious girl!