Monday, February 25, 2019

Solo festival

Our 3 painists competed in the solo festival the last 2 weekends and did beautifully! I actually got a photo of all 3 of them because we thought Allia was playing the same afternoon as the other 2. But it turned out her performance was the following weekend! It was nice because Austin usually takes them, but he was at the spring champs meet with the younger kids this past weekend. So that gave me the opportunity to take her, and it was so lovely to sit outside her room and listen to the beautiful music. I am thankful for our little upright piano, but the instrument really does make a difference. When I hear her play on bigger, nicer pianos it is so captivating!
And just for fun...what our little monkey has been up to!
The 3 younger swimmers swam very well at their meet and even had Lito as a spectator. But I have no photos since I was not there, and Austin was officiating. :/

Wednesday, February 13, 2019

What we've been up to

I have been guilty of blog neglect! It's not that life has been any busier, per say, as life around here is always a bit crazy! I will do my best to catch up...

After monster truck weekend, we had the annual instrasquad swim meet here at the rec center. This is the only intrasquad meet that is USA sanctioned, so the times actually count but the kids still get to pick their events rather than the coaches picking. It is also in the afternoon, so they actually get a full night's sleep. We all really look forward to this one. I was able to get a sub for my RE class so I could go Sunday afternoon, and Austin helped officiate. Our swimmers swam very well and learned a lot too (we had a couple of DQs!). They were happy to have a chance to improve their times without getting up super early and driving out of town!

Then when we got home to enjoy some Super Bowl fare with Pawpaw and Manah (though we didn't actually watch the game because we just weren't interested). Gloria promptly came down with the flu. :/ We all had the shots and some of us had a day of fever and feeling icky last week. But she was the only one who came down with the full blown version, so it was a tough week for her. But she is recovered now and trying to build back up strength for the Spring Champs meets coming up in a couple of weeks!

Other things...
Pawpaw snuggles
 She is trying to follow in Anastasia's footsteps as a climber. this wall is about 8 feet tall, and she did it all by herself several times!
My (slightly worried) perspective
 Anastasia and Cecilia are such sweet buddies!
 Getting ready for Valentine's day