Friday, August 30, 2019

Little moments

This girl looooves to help in the kitchen, and Manah is just about patient enough to let her. ;)
 A sweet friend's jumping party...I was planning to take Cecilia home and let the others stay for the party, but she insisted that she was jumping too. Our hosts were so gracious and kind to let her stay. I was so surprised that she jumped almost the entire time!
 Sweet buddies. This girl really loves her big brother, and the feeling is usually mutual as long a she is not messing with his action figure games!

Tuesday, August 27, 2019

Time for School!

The last week or so has been consumed with getting back in to the school groove. Thankfully things are starting up gradually! We started our own homeschooling last week and swim practice. This week, ODA, Blinn and RE have started. Then we ramp up into piano and voice lessons over the next couple of weeks until our full crazy schedule is back. Oh, summer, where have you gone...
We have actually gotten off to a good start. I hope we can keep it up!

Monday, August 19, 2019

Fishing trip

Austin had a camping trip planned for the weekend, but things changed so he took some of the kids fishing Sunday morning. They had a great time (and he untangled innumerable fishing lines).

Thursday, August 15, 2019

Happy Birthday Austin!

And happy Solemnity!
We had lots of yummy food and desserts and a great time celebrating...just no photos. :/

Tuesday, August 13, 2019

San Antonio, Take 2

Sebastian came down with a cold a few days before the trip, so I was concerned that we might have to cancel since we were traveling with friends. But he recovered fairly quickly, and nobody else was sick, so off we went! We were getting into town about 45 minutes before our check in time, so we decided to stop by the Alamo. It was super hot, and we were trying to make it to an early evening mass, so we made it quick. But I plan on doing some follow-up reading with the kids to delve deeper into the story/history!
Sebastian loved the cannons
 We went to mass and settled into the house where we were staying.
The next day, we had a friend delivered to us (her family was planning to come but decided not to, so they let her stay with us!). We met up with some other friends when they arrived in town after lunch.

She loves riding the purple horsie!

Sebastian took this picture of me because he said I needed to be in some pictures. ;)
They had some questions for the divers after the beluga whale and dolphin show.

Sadly, many kiddos came down with the cold when we returned home, but at least they waited until after the trip. It was so fun to experience Sea World with such great friends!
** We got a message from the doctor that Anastasia's finger was infected with Staph! Good thing they went ahead and put her on antibiotics before the trip!

4H Swim party

Allia and Gloria went to the 4H Swim party/meeting for our club Friday night. We made it quick since we were leaving town the next morning (and Austin had to take Anastasia to the urgent care for an infected finger!)

Tuesday, August 6, 2019

4H Cake show

We had the annual 4H Cake show last night. Mariana had to bake before and after our trip to Lita's on Sunday because she has a camp at church all week and was gone all day. She did a great job getting it done early. Allia baked her cakes Sunday and then put together/decorated yesterday. Gloria's was a little simpler so she did her whole thing Monday.
 When we got there, one of the judges found Mariana and praised her for her cake. He really liked it! But it seems perhaps the other judges were not as impressed. None of the girls won prizes this year despite making some really amazing and delicious cakes. They were a little disappointed. But their cakes still sold for good prices, and they helped 4H so they did a great job!

Monday, August 5, 2019

August birthday celebration

We gathered at Lito and Lita's on Sunday for a celebration of the August birthdays (5!) including Austin. It is always fun to enjoy an afternoon there with family. The kids sure enjoy their cousins!