Sunday, May 24, 2015

Super Saturday

We had a crazy day with Daddy being out of town all day to sing for a wedding and Allia going to a swim birthday party. In between, we had neighbors over playing most of the day. The made up this carnival/festival with games, water balloons and even baked a cake! It was a wild one but lots of fun!

Thursday, May 21, 2015


Austin's team at work won an award for one of their projects, which scored us a very nice dinner together with some of his coworkers/our friends at an awards banquet a few weeks ago. We just got some photos from it.

So proud of my hubby. :)

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Beach to Bay Trip!

We have been planning for some time to form a family team to run the Beach to Bay Relay Marathon in Corpus Christi. This was our year! We headed to Lito and Lita's beachhouse Thursday. After a looong morning in the car (we had to take a detour since some roads were flooded), we decided to hit the pool after naps.

We also took Lito's awesome Aggie golf cart for a spin on the beach!

The next day, some headed to pick up race packets while others hung out at the beach house. By the time everyone was back, a huge storm came. So we waited for it to pass and headed out for some quick beach time after dinner. The kids were so excited!

Saturday morning, we were up early for the big race. Our lineup was: Allia, Kristen, Lito, Uncle Matt, Tia Becky, Austin.

Allia and I were buddies. I walked with her to the starting gate and cheered her on, then walked over to where my leg started (hers turned back on itself, so it wasn't far from her start to mine). She got to run on the beach, lucky girl. It was beautiful first thing in the morning! After I handed off to Lito, Austin picked us up, and we went to drop him off at his start then headed back to the beach house.

Waiting for Allia to start
 Beach buddies with Tia Becky Sunday morning.

We had an awesome time at the beach Sunday. We made an early morning trip and then a lunchtime trip with Tia Becky and Uncle Trevor, then an after naptime trip too! The waves were great, so the older crowd had a great time boogie boarding, even me. Austin taught Stephen and Anastasia, and they even joined in on the shallower waves!

This guy loved it. No beach fear here!

Thank you, Lito and Lita, for making such a fun family weekend possible for all of us!!!

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Big accomplishment

Stephen made a big accomplishment this week! He wanted Allia to play with him outside, and somehow she ended up deciding to try and teach him to ride his bike without training wheels. Much to my surprise (and hers), after about 20 minutes, it worked! They were using Gloria's bike, but after he showed us several more times that he had it down, we took the training wheels off of his bike. So fun!

Monday, May 11, 2015

Happy Mother's Day!

After our soccer craziness on Saturday, we did some fun mother's day crafts for all of the special mommies in our lives. Sunday we had a nice day with mass, good relaxing time together, and of course a yummy meal. So nice to celebrate the gift of motherhood!

Saturday, May 9, 2015

Soccer Tournament

We were up and going, dressing in light blue (Daddy even painted his face, but I was not allowed a photo op) to cheer for the opening game at 9am! Manah graciously stayed with Sebastian so he could get his morning nap.
Allia got her cast off the day before, and you could really tell she was itching to play. I have never seen her play so well. She was awesome! All the parents on our team were commenting on her, and the coach's wife even came over at halftime to tell us that Allia was really "on fire." To be fair, her whole team was. They girls were all playing their best, had some great teamwork, and won a really close game (2-1). This team has an amazing goalie, so it was really tough to score. They kept at it, and it payed off!

The next game was at 1pm, so we had some time to eat and rest. Allia's team played another amazing game. It was so great to see them like this! They won that one 3-0!

The championship game was at 3:40. So with little recovery time, the sun out full blast, and after playing two tough games, you could tell the girls were really worn. They played hard, but they just didn't have much left at this point, and of course this team was really tough. So they lost, but got 2nd place overall! We were very proud of them!
What a day! Then we came home and worked on some Mother's Day crafts. :)

Thursday, May 7, 2015

Last Soccer

Stephen had his last soccer class today. It really ends next week, but we can't make the last day. He has learned sooo much this year and improved a lot. Now we have to decide if we should graduate him to a team in the fall or put him in the oldest Hot Shots class. Hmmm...

Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Reading time


Sebastian learned to say "happy" yesterday, with a very subtle if not absent h at the beginning. He was so tickled with himself that he just said it all day long. And that pretty much sums him up. He is almost always happy!

He also sported this onesie (the girls insisted that I not put shorts on with it so we could see his chubby legs!). It is his souvenir from the Disney trip from Lito and Lita. :)

Saturday, May 2, 2015

Like father, like son

Sebastian had us all cracking up. He was walking around in his diaper and picked up a noodle just like Austin picks up the big bar lifting weights. He looked so proud of himself. He sure does love Daddy and want to imitate him!

On a side note, he started doing his first little phrase, "Momma, Beebee." He uses it when either we are not paying attention to him or if we try to walk off, and he wants us to come back. It's like he is saying, "Momma, don't forget your baby!" So cute. But he doesn't change the "momma" part even if he is talking to Daddy or Allia.

Friday, May 1, 2015

Cute moments

We stopped for dinner at Chick Fil A on our way to pick up the girls from the airport. We couldn't help but enjoy a little ice cream treat!

And the next morning Anastasia woke up with a high fever. Poor baby. She still greatly enjoyed her Minnie Mouse souvenirs from Lita and the girls.