Thursday, May 31, 2007

I am glad

that we have a sister...Mariana.

said Allia as we were eating lunch today. Me too, sweetheart!!! I am so glad they love each other.

Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Backyard phonics

Neighbor friend while playing playdough on picnic table: Excuse me (reaching for something)

Allia: E is for "Scuse me."

Other neighbor friend: No, that would be "S" for "SSSScuse me"

Allia: Oh.

Me: Um...weeellll...Good job, both of you! (They are only 3 1/2 after all!)

At last

my husband is investigating reasonably priced digital cameras! Hooray! We never bought one because when I mentioned wanting one, he asked around and investigated, determining that the one we would have to buy would be about $500. Yikes! But thanks to my mom stumbling upon a really good deal on a less expensive snapshot camera, his interest has been sparked. Digital world, here we come (sometime soon at least).

So, we spent a fun Memorial Day weekend with his family in Corpus Christi with a trip to the beach (where the girls did not set foot in the water except one traumatic trip of Mariana's with 'Lito) and many fun moments with 'Lito and 'Lita. But alas...the photos are still in the camera...but not for long! :-)

Thursday, May 24, 2007

Kiss Jesus

We have a new ritual that has been going on for a few weeks now. On our mantle we have a Sacred Heart statue on one side and Our Lady of Grace on the other. We made little paper crowns for both...Jesus for Easter and Mary for May. We also have a crown of jewels that we made on Holy Saturday for Easter up there next to the Sacred Heart Statue.

Now, at least once a day, I hear Mariana demanding, "Kiss Jesus." It gets louder and more urgent the longer I take to respond. Then I have to take the Jesus statue down and let her remove the crown, give him several elaborate kisses, replace the crown, and then I put him back. Then she says, "Kiss Jesus, Mary" which means it is Mary's turn. We follow the same routine with her. Then she says, "Crown" which means I then place the crown of jewels, which happens to fit her perfectly, on her head and let her walk around for a while before replacing it.

I have come to love this little ritual. It is such a beatiful little baby prayer of love to Jesus and his mother. I just picture them smiling down from Heaven on us every time we do it. :-) I love those moments of grace!

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

In need

of some new ideas...

Do any of you out there have some good, healthy anti-nausea/pregnancy know, the combo of protein and carbs that is supposed to hold off the icky feeling for a while? I am already getting sick of trail mix, still like salad with cheese but can only tolerate it once or twice a day, and tuna and apple works well, but I can only have one can of tuna a week! I am already sick of lunch meats and cheeses too. Help please! Thanks. :-)

Thursday, May 17, 2007





ETA: January 3, 2008

After months of waiting, praying, and a little help from Dr. Hilgers, we have another baby! The pictures are terrible, but we saw a teeny baby with a healthy little heartbeat. We thank all of you for your prayers and hope you will continue to pray for us and our new little one!

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

My hubby, the Snake Hunter

Yesterday evening after dinner I was looking forward to spending a peaceful evening with the family. No activities, just a few things to do around the house. However, my dream was thwarted by a phone call from our neighbor.

Apparently, while our backdoor neighbor was mowing, they spotted a rather large "copperhead" snake that zipped through their yard, scaring their dogs, and then slithered under the fence in the direction of our toolshed. Lovely. So Austin spent an hour or more outside trying to figure out if in fact it was under our shed and if so how to get rid of it. The girls screamed because they were not allowed to "play" outside with Daddy. Finally he came in just in time for bath and bed with no success.

BUT, my husband does not give up that easily. After the kids were safely tucked in, he began to stalk. He set up post at the kitchen window with a flashlight and the back porch light on and checked and checked and checked for the snake. To my surpise, he actually discovered it trying to make its escape! He waited as it slithered stealthily across our yard, under the swingset, toward the street. Then, he crept outside, retrieved his equipment (shovel and hoe) and proceeded toward the creature. I sat inside and prayed, for it was quite a big snake for this city girl. He lifted the shovel with one hand (holding the flashlight with the other) and let it fall...pinning the snake's head to the ground. Then he dealt several blows to the poor creature, who turned out to be very thick skinned...or at least our lawn tools were not so sharp! By then, it was bedtime, so we came back in the morning, with neighbors invited and all (everyone around had been warned and was concerned about the kiddos playing outside). Well, it turned out that it was a 3-4 foot long harmless Texas Rat Snake. But what an adventure. Just look for his new program on Animal Planet Soon!

Sunday, May 13, 2007

Happy Mother's Day!

I wish all of you mothers out there a very blessed and happy Mother's Day! I pray that you will all have a wonderful celebration of the amazing gift it is to be a mother.

Saturday, May 12, 2007

A simple request

Allia: (playing in the living room with Mariana after dinner)
Mommy, we need a new sister from your tummy because we just keep having this old one.

(laughter in the room from everyone except Mariana)

Sounds good to me! :-) Although we all really enjoy and love the "old" one too.

Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Big God

(Daddy and Allia finishing the story of the Presentation in the temple)

Daddy: they offered him to God.

Allia: They offered baby Jesus to Big God?

Daddy: That's right, they offered him to God the Father, to Big God.

An original

Daddy: (sleepily laying on couch...speaking to nobody in particular) You would never know I drank tea with caffeine in it today.

Allia: I like Cashews.

(everyone a little confused...)

Mommy: Oh, she heard cashews instead of caffeine.

Allia: (smiling slyly) People wear cash-shoes.

(Daddy and mommy laughing)

Mommy: That was really creative Allia!

So, it won't make Comedy Central, but I thought it was really original!

Monday, May 7, 2007

How will we get there?

Allia: Daddy, how will we get to Heaven...will we walk there?

Daddy: No.(with a smile)

Allia: Will we ride bikes there?

Daddy: No. (smile again)

Allia: Will we take a car there?

Daddy: No. (giggle)

Allia: Then how will we get there? I can't remember.

Daddy: Jesus is guiding you there.

Mommy: And your guardian angel will help you.

Allia: Oh. (big smile) And then we will never have to say good bye again and we will be so happy with no ouchies.

Daddy and Mommy: That's right!

Side note: Grandparents visited this weekend, and it is always so hard for Allia to say goodbye, so we talked a lot about how someday, in Heaven, she won't ever have to be sad and say goodbye anymore. She just wanted to make sure she remembered how to get there!!!

Tuesday, May 1, 2007


is the month of Mary. We would have had tons of fun picking flowers to go under the statue this morning if it hadn't been pouring outside. So instead we moved our little potted plant from the kitchen table over by the statue and colored a little paper crown. We sang the Hail Mary as part of our morning prayers, and now we are having ice cream for a snack after naptime (instead of something more healthy!). Mary, Mother of God, pray for us!