Sunday, March 27, 2022

Happy 8th Birthday, Sebastian (and Happy Solemnity)!

 We started Friday out with a special breakfast, family gifts and a trip to the park with friends. We went to noontime mass, grabbed pizza and cupcakes afterwards and headed to homeschool choir. We finished up with breakfast for dinner. The younger crew had a BJJ tournament (with a surprise trip to urgent care for Anastasia who badly sprained her ankle) the next morning, then we had Big Event here helping with yard work, and then we celebrated with friends at his party in the afternoon. It is always a busy time of year but we are happy to celebrate our sweet boy!

Thursday, March 17, 2022

Jumping and Climbing

 I had planned for Austin to take the kids to a jumping/climbing place but since I was here I let him work in peace and took them myself. They had so much fun and enjoyed the climbing area more than I expected!

Sunday, March 13, 2022

Visit at Lita's

 We went to Lita's house to spend some time with her and see Auntie Laura and Auntie Carol while they were visiting.

Three beautiful sisters. We love them so much!

Saturday, March 12, 2022

Our (canceled) Holy Land trip

We have been planning for months for Allia and I to go with a group from church to visit the Holy Land in Israel over spring break as a sort of graduation gift to her. After so much careful planning and packing (including planning meals and the schedule for the family here), we got on our bus and headed to the airport in Houston Friday afternoon. When we were almost there, our group leader received a call that they were cancelling flights. The bus turned around and headed home with a plan to try to fly out later in the weekend. Before we got home, they made an alternate plan, so the bus turned around and headed for Houston again. 15 minutes from the airport, the leader found out the alternate plan had fallen through as well so we turned around again and headed home. When we were almost home, we found out all flights were canceled for a whole week, so the trip could not be rescheduled but was canceled permanently.  There was a blizzard hitting Istanbul (our place to connect flights to Israel) which was the original reason for the cancellation, but then they canceled flights for the whole next week, most likely due to the escalating political situation in the area. It was so disappointing, but we trust in God's plan and are thankful to be safe at home.

I had taken some photos of my crew to keep with me on the trip when I missed them. Here are a few of those...

Reminding me she would be in good hands with Grandparents helping

These guys love building "forts" in the nearby woods.
This one was a selfie

Friday, March 4, 2022

New worker

 Mariana recently scored a job at one of her favorite restaurants. She is really enjoying it so far. I may be partial, but I thought she looked super cute in her uniform.