Monday, April 29, 2019

Swim Awards Party

Our 4 swimmers had their annual awards party and had lots of great improvements and awards from this past year. We are very proud of them! Here are some of the pics from the slide show that I didn't already have...

Monday, April 22, 2019

Happy Easter!

We had a busy but fruitful Holy Week with Mariana acting in the Passion Play again, attending the Mass of the Lord's Supper and Veneration of the Cross, Tenebrae, squeezing in some school and swim practice, etc. We made our crowns of jewels and got everything ready on Saturday (and Allia even had a very successful bake sale with a friend to raise money for a summer trip). She managed to save some creativity and energy for the dining table, which she and Gloria prepared together...
They did a beautiful job. Mariana was missing from this because she opted to go to the Vigil Mass this year!
 The kids hunted eggs at church after morning mass.
Opening Easter baskets at home 
We had the blessing of hosting Lito and Lita as well as Fr. Albert for Easter lunch!
 We invited our sweet neighbor friends over to help with the Pinata (brought by Lito and Lita!) and Easter Egg hunt.
Lito was quite the Pinata wrangler. He had some sneaky moves for sure!

 The Champion egg hiders, Mariana and Abby. They cleverly hid some glittered eggs in the door wreath, and it looked so authentic that I almost didn't notice! It took the kids a really long time to find these!
 This pretty little princess slept through most of the festivities and was enamored with the confetti in everyone's hair after the cascarones. So someone generously shared with her. She was so proud!
 And Mariana's voice teacher generously added time to lessons so she and Allia could learn Panis Angelicus as a surprise Easter gift to Austin. So they sang the duet for us that evening.

He is Risen. Alleluia!

Monday, April 15, 2019

Officer nominations and other stuff

Both girls were nominated to be officers in their 4H club this year.
A little reading time with Daddy squeezed in among some very busy weeks of him being gone a lot!
Anastasia insisted I get a photo of this pretty sky so I agreed if I could have my pretty girl in it. ;)

Tuesday, April 9, 2019

Just Dance!

This game has become all the rave here. It is really quite fun, and I admit I even gave in and played once! Even Cecilia has joined in the fun!

Monday, April 8, 2019

Long Course Swim Meet

The older girls had their first long course swim meet for the season here at the A&M rec center, so they swam Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Austin officiated Friday and Saturday, so I took the younger ones Friday evening to watch since it was only one event. Then Gloria and I went to watch a couple of their Saturday events and we all went together to watch them Sunday.
 Cecilia was so excited when she spotted Daddy down by the pool officiating!
Austin volunteered to sing the National Anthem Saturday morning, and then Mariana was asked to sing on Sunday and agreed. It was her first time singing in front of a crowd, and we were so proud of her! (she got a little choked up toward the end but recovered nicely.)

Monday, April 1, 2019

Sebastian Birthday Party

I have previously just brought cupcakes to the park on Friday or something similar for our little guy's "party". But this year he is 5 and was actually asking when his party was and what we were doing. So we decided to invite his Godparents and family over for lunch, and thankfully that satisfied his idea of a party! (It helps that they have 6 kids 8 and under...and it turns out # 7 was born the following evening!). Allia decorated, Austin grilled and I cleaned up (after our crazy big event Saturday!) and made cupcakes. It was so nice for everyone. Sebastian was surrounded by good friends, and Austin and I got to catch up a little with our dear friends as well.
Austin gave strict instructions for him not to spit all over the cupcakes, and he was so careful to only blow air that it took 5 blows to blow out 5 candles. Sweet boy! We sure love our big 5 year old Sebastian!