Wednesday, March 25, 2020

Happy 6th birthday, Sebastian!

Our sweet little guy celebrated his 6th birthday during shelter-in-place. Did it bother him? Not really! I tried extra hard to make it special and fun for him. He was pretty happy when I told him we will have another celebration in a month or two after the Coronavirus outbreak is over.

We started making his cake the day before. I had lots of eager helpers! He wanted this gingerbread cake ever since Lita gave us the cake pan many months ago. However, he wanted a vanilla cake and vanilla frosting. So I nicknamed him "the white guy".

 That morning we had cinnamon rolls for breakfast and waited (rather impatiently) for everyone to wake up. I guess that would be a downfall of being in shelter in place. Normally everyone would have been up earlier for work/classes/etc. He was so happy to finally open his gifts.

As a special gift for being stuck at home, we got him this surprise...a paint your own cookie kit from a friend's bakery. They all really enjoyed this!
 And a Coronavirus birthday just wouldn't be complete without toilet paper!
 Lito drove all the way here to bring his gift and the kids' easter treats. Sadly some of the kids were sick, so he couldn't stay and visit.
**Austin had the blessing of singing at mass. It was so nice because he usually sings for the solemnity, but that means he misses Sebastian's birthday dinner. However, since mass is not open to the public and being broadcast, they were able to move it earlier so he could be home to celebrate with us too.
We ordered a special takeout dinner and dug into the cake afterwards. Yum!

And of course we had lots of outside time, which he usually enjoys but especially so since we are stuck at home! It was so precious because just after dinner he started looking a little droopy. I asked if he was ok, and he said, "Well, this day just went by way too fast." Aww! Isn't that how we all feel when something we have looked forward to for so long is over? I reminded him that we will have a party in a couple of months, and that brightened him back up.

Happy birthday, my Sebastian! You are a very sweet, creative, energetic boy. We are so thankful God blessed our family with you!

Monday, March 16, 2020

Spring Break

Allia spent some time with a friend

We finally made it to bowl together as a family. It was a fun outing!
The next day we left town to go visit our friends, the K family. The kids had been looking forward to this for weeks!

 Our BBQ guys
 These two were the cutest little curly haired buddies!
The next day we hit the art museum which was full of cool activities for the kids.


 Oldest and youngest boy. They were cute buddies.
 Allia was braiding bracelets in her free time for each of the K family girls. She gave Carolyn some tips.
We were sad to say goodbye, as always, especially since we were returning home to the beginning of COVID quarrantines, school closings, etc.

After we returned, we had our Goddaughter's birthday party, which would be the last social gathering we attend, besides mass that evening, as the world began to shut down.