Wednesday, July 31, 2019

Sea World Trip

Allia swam her champs meet over the weekend, right after returning from piano camp. She only dropped time in 1 event due to exhaustion, but we were proud of her efforts! We hung out Sunday at Lito and Lita's while she swam, and then we were off to San Antonio after lunch! We checked in to the hotel, had a quick dinner in the car, and then hit Sea World for a few hours of fun.
The older girls went off to roller coasters while Austin and I hung out with the younger crowd. Stephen was given the choice of either group and opted to stay with us.

I think Austin and I enjoyed this Sesame Street parade almost as much as them. We grew up with Sesame Street!
This was our longest day, so after our hotel breakfast, we decided to stay at the water park all day and then transfer to Sea World in the evening and attend the closing show/fireworks.
We all enjoyed the lazy river when the lines were too long for slides and rides or we were just worn out!
The little ones had been asking all day to ride this teacup ferris wheel, so we stopped by on our way to the final show. The older kids caught a roller coaster ride on their way to the stadium, and we met up there.

The show was late but so worth it. There was a pseudo rock concert with a boat and water skiing show going on simultaneously and intermittent fireworks.

Then at the end they brought out this guy with jets on his feet. It was so cool. It reminded me of Iron Man! The fireworks at the end were beautiful. I am pretty sure I have never let the younger crew stay up late enough to see fireworks, so they were all thrilled!
After sleeping in a little and our last yummy hotel breakfast, we went for our last day. We did roller coasters before lunch and then the water park for a few hours afterwards until it was time to head home (trying to beat rush hour traffic out of town)!
Anastasia and I on her favorite ride...the Steel Eel
It got pretty hot before lunch so we hit the arcade and played some games. Daddy made sure everyone went home with a souvenir.

We had a very tired 2 year old on the way home, but it was worth it. We had a lot of fun. I just love to see the kids having fun together and letting go of their usual squabbles/cliques. Stephen was quite the gentleman on the trip, offering to push the stroller for me and carry things. And Austin was sweet to take charge of the little ones several times so I could have some fun with the older crowd. We are thankful for such a great trip.

Friday, July 26, 2019

Camp Finales

Stephen attended the boys' conquest day camp all week, and I picked Allia up from piano camp today. They both had an awesome week!

Wednesday, July 24, 2019

Champs meet #1 and Piano camp

It is the end of the summer swim season, so the kids have their championship meets. Stephen and Gloria swam Saturday and made some great improvements to finish off the season!

Then Sunday we got to bring the new van on it's first real road trip (not counting the trip from Houston to our house). We went to Nacogdoches to drop Allia off for her second annual Piano in the Pines Summer camp at SFA!
Photos from camp...

Tuesday, July 23, 2019


Several of the kids had fun things to do this week. So I took the ones who didn't, plus a friend, for kids bowl free to have a little fun. Cecilia came this time and loved it! When they started playing music during our second game, she was dancing all over the place. The older girls really enjoyed helping her.

Saturday, July 20, 2019

Goings on

We have had so many other little things going on...babysitting jobs, bowling, a wedding for Austin and I to attend together of one of the first kids we babysat for when we started dating, friends over, swimming, etc. One of the biggest is that we decided, somewhat spontaneously, to upgrade our family vehicle. This summer has brought many road trips and still has many more to come. Our A/C on the old van was not working super great for Texas summer plus it just hit the 150K mile mark. So Austin spent a week researching, testing, and dealing before he finally brought home our new ride, a 2018 Ford Transit! And all of that while Allia had a friend from swim staying the week with us while her family traveled. Whew!
It has a sliding door, which is one of the many features we love about it!
A trip to Grand Station for bowling and fun
Allia and her friend Lydia made a rainbow cake

Saturday, July 13, 2019

VBS week!

Right after a nice long 4th of July weekend, we had VBS week. This year we were all involved, which I really enjoyed. I lead one of the Kinder groups so I could be with Sebastian, and Cecilia "helped" me since I knew she would not be happy in the nursery (and I didn't want to risk germs). Allia helped in snacks, as usual, and Mariana helped in games so we saw each of them every day as our group rotated around. Gloria was sort of off on her own in a special youth-group style VBS they did for 5th and 6th graders.
 Gloria's group
 Allia and Mariana were also on the skit team at the beginning of each day
 Mariana had a really funny one that made everyone laugh!

 Crazy guys!
 The whole big group