Sunday, December 31, 2023

Glenn Visit

 We had a visit with Jared's family yesterday at lunchtime while the K family did some sightseeing. Alora warmed up to Cecilia and played with her.

Bri embroidered these awesome Aggie sweatshirts as a joint gift with Aunt Karen for the girls for Chrsitmas!

K family visit

 We had almost a whole week together and so much fun! They came in the afternoon after we returned from Lita's and stayed until New Year's Eve. 

We were so happy to finally meet baby Joseph!

We had to do our traditional gingerbread cookie baking and decorating. The two working girls had busy schedules but were able to squeeze in time with everyone too. Anne even helped Mariana get ready!

Cecilia and I squeezed in a breakfast date for her baptism day while everyone else slept in.

Christmas at the park was fun. The teens went in Gloria's truck!

Parents' (plus Joseph) date night!

With so many girls, the guys really have to stick together!

Hibachi lunch and Grand Station

Fire Pit night

Fire Bosses!

Other fun moments...

Dads took the younger kids to the park and out for ice cream while the moms and teens shopped.


Tuesday, December 26, 2023

Christmas at Lita's

 We went for Christmas at Lita's, had a nice lunch and opened gifts with them, Uncle Mike and Tia Becky. Gloria got some highway driving in her truck on the way there and back.

Monday, December 25, 2023

Christmas Day

Merry Christmas! We had a quiet morning of opening gifts at home with the biggest gift saved for last...Gloria's truck. Only two weeks until she hits the road!

Sunday, December 24, 2023

Christmas Eve

 After preparations at home, most of us attended the early Children's mass (with our youngest 3 singing in the Children's choir) with Pawpaw and Manah and went to their house for dinner and waited for gifts until the others came. A few sang at the later "high" mass and then joined us. Both were beautiful. I didn't like splitting up, but I am so glad so many are involved in the music at church!

Anastasia sang a beautiful solo, and we were so proud of her!