Monday, September 27, 2021


 We were so glad to have this festival back since we missed it last year. We started with a family favorite, Bingo night, on Friday. Sebastian won a small prize, and Gloria won both a big and small prize.

I was exhausted after a very busy Friday, and my pointer fingers were both vividly colored after helping Cecilia with several games. So Austin generously took over helping her with her last game before I had to whisk her home for bedtime.

Then we had the big festival Sunday. Stephen brought a neighbor friend, and I volunteered the first hour and a half, so Austin went around to the games and things with the kids. Then we met up for lunch. The older girls were volunteering all afternoon, and they found Gloria and a friend at face painting (they ended up with the calmer jobs, whereas Mariana got the dunking booth for part of the afternoon. 😮)

Stephen's friend won a cake at the cake walk!

We enjoyed a delicious lunch and some time visiting before the live auction began. I stayed for a bit of that while the kids went to a magic show, but when that was over I left to take them to do some outdoor activities...a dangerous move leaving Austin unattended at the live auction! ;) 

We left with a delicious pickle basket that he always bids on made by some dear friends, a special spaghetti meal cooked by our pastor whose spaghetti has become quite famous (but is usually only experienced by the elite altar server group when he hosts them), and a piece of religious artwork as well as some very tired, happy children. Here's to next year!

Monday, September 20, 2021

Brotherly Chess

 I love it!

Saturday, September 18, 2021

Sweet 16

 Happy 16th Birthday, Mariana!

She wanted a big party so we rented our neighborhood clubhouse/pool Friday night. Her friend from church who just moved celebrated her 15th birthday a few days before and was coming back for the party, so we decided to make it a joint celebration (they have most of the same friends anyway!) which made it even sweeter.

The guys hanging out in the baby pool 😂
Of course...
A few friends slept over, and when they finally woke (they stayed up to sing to her when she actually turned 16 at 4:13am!) we had pancakes and opened family gifts.

We have an appointment to get her license next week, and she can hardly wait. Austin, myself and Allia are looking forward to it too because she is a very social 16 and likes to go to everything, especially at church!

We are so thankful for our sweet Mariana. May God bless her this coming year (and guardian angel please keep a good eye on her!).

Sunday, September 12, 2021

Happy 18th Birthday, Allia!

 We had a great weekend celebrating with her. She received some nice gifts, spent some time with us (she has been so busy lately so that was really nice!), and had some fun with friends too.

She said goodbye to her "childhood" by blowing some bubbles with her sister. 😂

We are so thankful for such a blessed 18 years with our first baby and are excited to see what this next chapter of life brings.

Monday, September 6, 2021

Little moments

 Anastasia loves to work in the kitchen. She made pizza rolls for lunch!

Cecilia has been Austin's buddy lately (as long as it doesn't involve nap or bed time), and it is so sweet!
Learning to play board games