Monday, August 28, 2023

Little performer

 This one....!

Tuesday, August 15, 2023

Happy Birthday, Austin (and Happy Solemnity)!

 Austin went to the vigil mass yesterday evening with Allia and Mariana while I carted kids to and from activities. They treated him to a surprise birthday sushi dinner afterwards. He was so excited and came back feeling so loved. It was priceless!

Sunday, August 13, 2023

4-H Awards Banquet

And then the 4-H awards banquet in the evening...We had a scheduling snafu, which meant Austin had to take the younger girls to mass in the evening and miss the first part of the banquet. So I only got photos of these two. But Anastasia and Mariana also completed record books and placed at county and district this year. So proud of these kiddos!

Lost Tooth!

 Just hours after returning from her trip, Cecilia decided that one of her top teeth was ready to come out. Nurse Gloria helped her pull it. I am not ready for my baby to get big teeth yet! 😢

Six Year Old Trip

 I can't believe it...the last of my babies went on her six year old trip to Lito and Lita's this weekend. Anastasia went as an honorary guest to help out and keep her company.

They baked cookies,

helped with dinner,
went to the children's museum,

got nails done,
and swam every day too. We missed them but were glad they had such a fun time!

Sunday, August 6, 2023

4-H Cake Show

 And to continue the busy schedule into the week, we had the 4-H cake show this evening! We started the baking when we got back home Sunday evening and finished up baking/decorating today before the show. We had two third place winners!

August/September Birthday gathering

 Lito and Lita had their annual celebration for the August and September birthdays today. We had a nice lunch, lots of swimming and yummy desserts!

All of the birthday honorees (minus Allia and Mariana due to other obligations!).

Saturday, August 5, 2023

Victorian Ball

We had a Victorian Ball at our parish for homeschooling families. We got together ahead of time to mend/adjust dresses and practice dances, and a great group of girls came to get ready at our house beforehand. Some of us had to go to mass before the dance, so sadly I didn't get photos of the girls before the dance. But there are plenty from the ball. It was such a fun family event.

A fun evening of dancing was had by all!