Friday, June 29, 2018

VBS Week

VBS is always such a fun but busy week! This year I had 3 helpers and 3 attendees. All enjoyed it, although Sebastian was hesitant to go each day since it is his first year. Cecilia and I stayed with him on the first day until he went to his first station (Snacks!). Then, Cecilia stayed with Manah on Wednesday morning so I could stay and help out. Sebastian said that was his favorite day since I was there. So sweet! Only too soon he will be all grown up and probably not want me around. So I am cherishing this stage.
Two of my helpers did music. Allia has always helped with snacks and stuck with that, of course.

Sunday, June 17, 2018

Challenge Camp

Allia and Mariana had their annual girls Challenge summer camp last week. Of course we missed them like crazy. But we had some friends over, the kids went to a jumping park with Manah, we made some trips to the pool, and just tried to pass the time well. As you can see, they had an amazing week at camp, as usual!

Monday, June 11, 2018

Bubble Blowing

Aunt Karen gave the kids these bubble wands, and Cecilia has mastered doing it on her own. So cute. She loves this new skill and so do I!

Wednesday, June 6, 2018

Blue Baker Tour

Our 4 H club organized a bakery tour. We have been offered these before with various groups, but the school year is so busy. I like being able to do something like this while we are off from our usual busy schedule (well, sort of!). It was really cool and educational!

Aunt Karen Visit

Aunt Karen visited yesterday, and somehow I did not get a picture with her in it. :/ But we had a nice time chatting, having lunch together including Pawpaw and Manah, and then shopping in the afternoon (just the big girls).
 Sebastian was really happy with the beach ball Aunt Karen got him!

Monday, June 4, 2018

Weekend apart

Austin met the rest of his family in Eagle pass to visit his aging grandmother, Abuelita. The rest of us would have loved to go, but it would have been a long, hard trip with such a big group. So we sent him on his way with Tia Becky as his driving buddy. He had a nice visit with Abuelita and everyone else that was there.
Meanwhile, life goes on at home. Allia had an animal sitting job for a friend who is out of the country. The friend had 3 chickens, but 2 were attacked and killed by a runaway dog right before they left. So she was caring for a guinea pig and one chicken...a very unique one named Phyllis (a silkie breed), who was being kept inside in case the dog escaped again. The younger kids enjoyed going with us a few times, especially Cecilia who really enjoyed Phyllis! We had to go twice a day for 5 days, so they got to know each other well.
And we made a couple of trips to the pool. I think this was Cecilia's first real trip this year. Previously we have gone during naptime without her!
Yesterday we went swimming while we were waiting for Austin to get home, and Sebastian finally let me take his float off. Much to his and my surprise, when I had him dive for rings, we discovered he can swim! It's only for a few seconds, but I am so proud of him. What a great start! I told him I would make ice cream to celebrate after dinner. Allia made cake pops so we had quite a dessert.