Monday, February 3, 2020

Intrasquad Swim Meet

Our swimmers had their USA sanctioned intrasquad swim meet yesterday afternoon. We just love this one because nobody has to get up early or travel out of town, but the times are still official USA times. We had 5 swimmers, so I was a busy momma keeping track of everyone's events so I didn't miss anything!
This was Anastasia's first official meet, and she was swimming 50 back stroke (her best stroke) which required her to do a back stroke flip turn (probably the hardest turn they have). So her sweet Mariana sister, who was finished with her own events, went to the warm up pool and coached her beforehand to make sure she didn't get disqualified. She did very well! They all did!
Allia dropped time in 2 of her 3 events, Mariana dropped in all 4 of her events and came very close to a goal time, Gloria swam the 500 free for the first time and got a goal time in that as well as dropping time in her other 3 events. Stephen dropped in 3 of his 4 events and got a goal time in one of his. (poor his best event there was a false start, and when the ref...Austin!...asked them to stand he and another kid fell into the pool. He banged his leg on the way down and was just so stunned that he didn't swim his best. :/) Anastasia dropped in all of her 25's and got a goal time in her 50 back. SO proud of our swimmers...and our Daddy official.