Tuesday, September 25, 2018

Pawpaw's 80th Birthday!

And our final September birthday celebration is Pawpaw turning 80. (I am exactly half his age! ) Austin and I were marveling at what amazing shape he is in for his age. He mows, paints, does hundreds of other house projects, and bowls! I am sure hoping I take after him. ;)
His actual birthday is Thursday, and Austin is taking him out to a special lunch at the Slocum Center (where all the A&M players eat!). But the rest of the day is crazy for us, including 3 hours of allergy cluster shots for Allia and I. So we decided to have a nice dinner Sunday evening.
I made a chocolate pie...
 The kids were so sweet, all getting him little gifts (chocolate bars and candy!)
 And Cecilia snuck in some reading time.

Sunday, September 23, 2018

Mariana's 13th Birthday Party!

We celebrated on Friday evening with her friends. We had Orange chicken, pizza and fruit salad followed by a cake Allia made for her in lieu of a gift. Then the girls divided into 2 teams and had a bake off and ended with a craft.

 Team 1
 Team 2
 The judges deliberating...
 Team 2 won!
Time to open gifts...
We all had a great time celebrating our beautiful Mariana!

Thursday, September 20, 2018

Gardening girl

I came home from driving my swimmers the other day and found this sweet little gardener watering the plants at Pawpaw's house.

Tuesday, September 18, 2018

Happy Birthday Mariana and Me!

We did a little celebrating on Sunday, making a yummy birthday cake. I baked and Mariana decorated.
Tuesday, Austin stayed home from work. Mariana opened her family gifts, and then she and I picked up Jason's deli together for lunch, using their birthday club coupons. Then we had a yummy dinner of wings (her request) and tacos (for those who don't like wings) followed by cake and my Razzoos Copycat Bread pudding recipe.
 These two really enjoyed the bread pudding!
 It was a nice celebration of two big birthdays....her 13th and my 40th. :0 I am always so thankful for my birthday buddy!

Friday, September 14, 2018

Happy 15th Birthday, Allia!

We started celebrating last weekend since Tuesday would be a busy weekday. We had a nice dinner Sunday evening with Pawpaw and Manah complete with cookie cake for dessert. Tuesdsay morning Allia was up early and off to her ODA classes. But she took off from her afternoon classes so she could come home and celebrate with us. I made a yummy lunch and about 60 cupcakes (45 for her to bring to swim practice that evening!). She opened gifts and received lots of new swim gear from Lito and Lita, her siblings and Austin and I as well as a few other goodies. Pawpaw and Manah gave her a crucifix from Jerusalem and money for her Learner's Permit.
Wednesday morning we were off to the DPS to get her permit. I have heard the horror stories and triple checked that I had all the correct documentation for her as well as to get my license renewed. Things went smoothly, and we had everything we needed.....(drumroll)...until the computer system crashed moments before our licenses were processed. So we hung out for a bit but ultimately had other things to do. I called later that afternoon, and their system was still down!. So we went back Thursday morning and had success. She is now legal to drive with an adult!

Her party was last night with some great friends. They swam, ate, crafted and had girl talk time. She is very blessed to have such a sweet group of friends. A few spent the night, and they had a great time, so great that they didn't go to bed until 3am!!! :0
Happy 15th Birthday, Allia!!!

Monday, September 10, 2018

Playing in the rain

We have had an unusually rainy end of August/beginning of September, so we've done a lot of playing in the rain lately!
 They were so sweet to include Cecilia! She loved it!