Thursday, December 27, 2018

Christmas at Home

We did our own family gifts the day after Christmas once everyone was awake, which was earlier than expected, thankfully! Every year I so enjoy watching everyone shop and anticipate the joy they will bring to others with the gifts they give. It is definitely one of my favorite things about having older children! We went youngest to oldest and had a great time.

We got several new games that the kids have enjoyed playing together.

Wednesday, December 26, 2018

Christmas 2018

We finished up our decorations the last Sunday of Advent. Then we went to mass Christmas Eve and over to Pawpaw and Manah's for dinner and gifts.
Christmas Day we took advantage of Lito and Lita being much closer and headed to their house mid morning. It was fun to spend Christmas day with them, Tia Becky, Tia Nana and family! The cousins had so much fun together and even took a dip in the hot tub and pool. :0
 They're in!
 They're brave! Yikes!
 Cecilia napped through lunch and festivities (thanks to 2 year old molars making her super grumpy!), and woke up much more in the Christmas spirit.
Lita had a dancing, singing reindeer that we were supposed to draw names for (we were all rooting for someone else to win! Lol!) but Cecillia fell in love with it and won by default. So, home he came.
 We enjoyed getting to know Tia Becky's Beau, Mike. He taught the older crowd some poker skills!

Tuesday, December 25, 2018

Merry Christmas!


Saturday, December 22, 2018

Happy 9th Birthday, Stephen!

Stephen had his party on his actual birthday this year since public school had early release, and it worked out nicely to have it on a Friday afternoon. We opened family presents in the morning with him.

 Then we got busy doing party prep. It was a carnival party, and Allia volunteered to make the cake (with many eager "helpers").
  We went to the park in the morning for an hour or so like we usually do on Friday, and just as we headed home we got word that the bounce house was on it's way. Fun!!!
 Allia did face painting
  Austin dressed up, and I ran the duck ringing station
Mariana did balloon animals/art
We had a few group games and then let them redeem their tickets for prizes
 "Happy Birthday to you"
 He got some really fun gifts from friends and family both!
 We enjoyed celebrating our sweet guy. It's his last year in single digits!