Thursday, June 29, 2023

Baseball Camp

Sebastian had baseball camp Monday-Thursday this week. He wanted to play little league this year, but we just couldn't handle the schedule. So this was our compromise. He thoroughly enjoyed it, despite the crazy heat. And he learned a lot too!

Saturday, June 24, 2023

Our favorite lifeguard

 We went to the pool today, at the begging of the kids, to see our favorite lifeguard at work and have a little fun. This guy was so cute. He just kept hanging out in the pool near her (She's technically not allowed to talk to us when on-duty for obvious reasons!).

Wednesday, June 21, 2023

Dauphin Island Alabama Beach Vacay 2023

 We ventured out of the great state of Texas to experience Dauphin Island, AL for a family vacation. It did not disappoint!

After 8.5 hours on the road, 2 stops and a 45 min. accident delay...we made it!!! We unpacked, had a quick dinner and then made a trip to the beach before dark.

Sunday morning we played a bit and did some fishing off the dock before mass. Happy Father's Day to Austin!

Some storms blew in during mass but were already clearing up afterwards, so we hit the beach.

We discovered, with the right bait, dock fishing in front of the house was easy and fun. Everyone was catching something, whether catfish, croaker, sting ray or shark.
Austin caught a catfish, and Cecilia was the first one to catch a baby shark!
Christiana caught a sting ray.
This guy figured out that we would share our catch! We nicknamed him "Herb," and he joined us several times.
Storms kept blowing in occasionally throughout our trip, so we would retreat back into the house for a bit. It made for some beautiful skies and water, and we still managed to see several beautiful sunsets.
Sunset fishing
Gloria caught the second shark!
Quite the fisherwoman!

The next morning was a stormy one. Austin and I enjoyed coffee on the porch. True to the name of the Island, we spotted some Dolphins. Then we went souvenir shopping.
This cutie found some sunglasses.
Beach babe!

The little sand yard in front was fun for the younger crowd too!

As a Father's Day gift, Austin went on a guided fishing trip with a few of the teens. They all caught trout, and Gloria caught a Spanish Mackerel!

And as if that wasn't enough fishing...
A special dinner for our last night...the freshest fish ever and some key lime pie from a local bakery.

And the sun set on a great family vacation!