Monday, May 11, 2020

Happy Mother's Day!

We had a beautiful weekend. My family was so incredibly amazing at making me feel loved and serving me. I received so many gifts from them. But even still, the most wonderful gift of all was being able to return to mass! I have missed the Eucharistic celebration so much.

"Flower girl"
Speaking of flowers, I ordered some online, and the girls helped make arrangements for Manah and their Godmothers
In preparation for attending mass, I had to sew masks for the children since the adult size medical masks (gifted to us by a kind neighbor) wouldn't fit their sweet little faces. Cecilia stayed with my parents because we were not sure if she would leave her mask on the whole time and just wanted to scope things out before bringing a germ-absorbing 3 year old along with us. But she insisted I make her a mask anyway, and looked adorable in it!

On our way to the vigil Saturday evening...Stephen opted for the medical mask since I made his Star Wars!
 On Sunday, Austin whisked the younger kids off in the morning to pick up breakfast. So I had some quiet time to enjoy the beautiful morning. I was greeted with giant hugs when they returned, and enjoyed Kolaches and doughnuts for breakfast with them. He also made an amazing fajita lunch, and I was able to just focus on making the Lemon Meringue pie for dessert which we shared with Manah and Pawpaw.

 Allia and Gloria worked for hours making a surprise dessert for me. It turned out to be Tiramisu cupcakes since Tiramisu is my favorite dessert! They were amazing!
They used to treat me to Tiramisu from one of our favorite restaurants in town, but it closed a few years ago. Before she closed, the owner gave Austin her Sangria recipe that I love so much, and he made that yesterday too! Yummy!
Austin made a delicious Bourbon glazed Salmon for dinner, and I made another of our favorite desserts to share, my copycat Razoos bread pudding. 
My amazing hubby reading the kids a book before our family rosary
 I received many sweet cards, words and hugs and felt so loved. I didn't wash one dish or cook any meals and was free to play and ride bikes with the kids. It was really a blessed day!

Monday, May 4, 2020

Little outing

With the shelter in place expired and everyone having been well for a while, we escaped to Lito and Lita's for a little visit yesterday. We really enjoyed spending time with them. And the kids were thrilled to swim. It was very entertaining to see my swimmers in the pool after 2 months of not swimming. They were trying all their strokes and turns and surprised at what they remembered and what they had forgotten! Sebastian even beat Lita in a game of checkers. ;)
Mariana badly sprained her ankle Thursday, so we left her there for a few days to keep Lita company and to rest her ankle from going up and down the stairs here.