Thursday, February 25, 2021

A few moments

Cecilia wanted to learn piano as soon as Sebastian started lessons. So she watched him play his song, Hot Cross Buns, and then copied him. Here he is giving her a mini lesson. So sweet!

She is starting to give up her nap (and therefore her pacis and crib since that is the only time she gets them!) but still falls asleep every few days. I will miss seeing my little sleeping princess.


Thursday, February 18, 2021

Did someone pray for snow?

 All of our kids have been praying for snow every winter for the last few years. They may think twice before they do it again after this week! The snow blew in late Sunday evening, and ever since we have had rolling blackouts and crazy low temperatures. It was around 6" of the real "powder" snow not the icy stuff we usually see here. They had some fun playing in it, but the temperatures have been so cold they don't last long like they did a few weeks ago when it snowed.

It was strange to me that there wasn't much snow on the roof, but the wind was blowing so much while it snowed that it just didn't have a chance to stick.

Monday, February 15, 2021

Valentine's Day

This was really one to remember. The kids spent the week or two before making Valentines for all of their friends, thinking they would see most of them since it fell on a weekend. We had no idea the snowpocalypse of Texas was coming! We were able to see Lito ahead of time when he stopped by to drop of some treats and visit for a little bit. He and Lita gave Sebastian this cool spiderman mask which was perfect since he was quarrantied upstairs due to sniffles and congestion. He also has an upcoming surgery to remove an ear tube that went into his ear instead of popping out. It was originally scheduled for that morning, but we rescheduled due to his symptoms.

We ended up having some neighbors trudge over through the snow for dinner Sunday evening, which was a lot of fun.

Saturday, February 6, 2021

Puppy love

 Cecilia just loves Emmie. She is starting to give up her nap, so one day after her quiet time we decided to take Emmie for a walk. She was so excited and enjoyed holding the leash. But make no mistake, small dog though she may be, Emmie is strong and full of energy. So she occasionally broke loose.